Modica’s Chocolate Now Has IGP Certification

Modica’s iconic chocolate has become the first of its kind in Italy to be protected by the European Union IGP Certification scheme.

DOP and IGP products represent the excellence of European agricultural food production, and buyers can rest assured that products carrying these labels will be of the highest quality. To obtain IGP certification, the product must adhere to certain regulations to ensure a specific quality standard. The label is not easy to come by, making the certification of Modica’s chocolate a significant honour.

According to the regulations, true IGP Modica chocolate must be rectangular with tapered sides and weighing no more than 100 grams. It must also be prepared in a cold-pressed manner resulting in sugar crystals, which create a specific level of graininess – something that the chocolate is known and loved for. In fact, the sugar levels in Modica chocolate can be as high as 50%, although “bitter” versions with 99% cocoa are also popular.

The Mipaaft (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism) noted the importance of this recognition in a statement, saying "chocolate production has always represented an important opportunity for work for the local population and even today it constitutes a significant economic activity and one of the most important sources of employment in the Sicilian municipality."

The EU IGP award comes after the recent Italian certification of Modica chocolate and follows an extensive effort carried out by the Consortium for the Protection of Modica Chocolate together with MEP Michela Giuffrida, who is a member of the Agriculture Commission of the European Parliament.

Want to enjoy Modica chocolate?

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