Insects - The Future of Sicilian Cuisine?

While traditional Sicilian dishes are more famously based on sun-ripened tomatoes, creamy ricotta cheese and vibrant aubergines, Palermo is flying the flag for the potential future of Sicilian cuisine: insects!

index.jpgWith an increasing global population set to hit 9 billion by 2050 and the need to reduce meat consumption for the benefit of not just health but also the environment, new food supply solutions are being investigated across the globe. While the idea is somewhat off-putting, insects provide a low-cost and nutritious solution to food needs and are already enjoyed across Asia, particularly crickets.

Recently, Palermo hosted a special conference called “Insects at the Table: Novel Foods and the Frontiers of Human Nutrition”, hosted by Paolo Inglese, Professor at the University of Palermo. During the conference, the scientific community discussed research pertaining to the role that a diet based on insects may play in the future, and a panel of experts even taste-tested dishes made with cricket flour provided by SpaGrillo, with many not being able to tell the difference between insect-based desserts and those prepared with traditional ingredients!

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